Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning of companies and other facilities. We carry out the repetitive cleaning work according to fixed or variable time intervals, e.g.

  • Banks
  • Public facilities
  • Schools, nurseries and day care centres
  • Old people’s and nursing homes
  • Museums
  • Sports, municipal and multi-purpose halls
  • Private households.

Regular cleaning includes:

  • Cleaning furniture and window sills
  • Emptying waste systems and rubbish bins
  • Removing rubbish
  • Removing rough as well as visible dirt
  • Dusting and vacuuming
  • Mop the floor and wet-clean sanitary objects using disinfectants.

Glass cleaning

Expert glass cleaning is carried out at specific intervals or at a fixed time. We remove heavy soiling, adhesives, paint residues, grease and oil films, protective foils or inscriptions from windows, doors, frames, glass roofs, conservatories and industrial glazing.

Glass cleaning includes:

  • Cleaning window and glass surfaces in industrial plants, office buildings and residential buildings without leaving streaks.
  • Using environmentally friendly cleaning and care products
  • Using the right materials for the different glass surfaces
  • Carry out glass cleaning reliably at fixed intervals or at fixed times.

Mattress and sofa cleaning

As recommended by family doctors, you should have your mattress, sofa and cushions cleaned at least once a year. That is why you can have your upholstery professionally cleaned by us.

Mattress and sofa cleaning includes:

  • Spray-extraction of the soiled upholstery.
  • In your home or at your request on our property
  • Using environmentally friendly cleaning and care products
  • In addition to mattresses and sofas, we also clean cushions, boat and yacht upholstery, chairs with upholstery, armchairs and recliners.
  • mite removal
  • Bacteria decimation
  • Disinfection

Carpet Cleaning

After determining the structure and type of manufacture of the carpet, we advise you on site about the cleaning options. Together with you, we then decide on the best ecological and economical solution.

Carpet cleaning includes:

  • Collection of loose carpets (dirt-trapping mats, high-quality carpets, hallway carpets, etc.) and cleaning at our premises or at yours.
  • Cleaning of solid carpets
  • Shampooing
  • Spray extraction for an ideal depth effect
  • Detachment to remove stubborn stains
  • Impregnation to protect against water and dirt

Industrial cleaning

Industrial cleaning includes the cleaning of industrial buildings and facilities in the production area as well as special dust removal in industrial objects. We also clean production and pressure lines, fittings, heat exchangers and containers.

Industrial cleaning includes:

  • Cleaning industrial floors, machinery, equipment, building interiors and industrial glazing.
  • Removing chips from machine parts
  • Extracting drilling oil and waste oil
  • Removing corrosion from machine parts
  • Maintenance work.

Construction cleaning

From the start of construction to the final handover of the building, we provide cleaning for conversion and renovation work or in new buildings. In each construction phase, we remove in parts or in the entire building

  • Dust
  • Coarse dirt
  • Mortar
  • Paint residues
  • protective films or
  • Labels

Construction cleaning includes:

  • Removing coarse dirt
  • Cleaning free of dust and residues
  • Removing stains, protective films, markings, labels and cement residue
  • Treating surfaces with environmentally friendly care products
  • Carry out final construction/final cleaning professionally and reliably

Water damage removal

In case of water damage and flooding, quick action is required. Mould, damp walls or detached floor coverings must be avoided. We offer thorough and disinfecting cleaning to prevent health risks from E. coli bacteria.

Water damage removal includes:

  • Removal of soot and mud contamination in all rooms without leaving any residues.
  • Basic cleaning, extraction and shampooing of floors, recoating, etc.
  • Remove and dispose of inventory that is no longer usable
  • Remove floor coverings and prepare the subfloor for re-laying.

Deep cleaning

We provide thorough cleaning for heavy soiling as required on demand according to agreed services.

Deep Cleaning includes:

  • It is cleaned from top to bottom
  • Deep Cleaning is generally only carried out at longer intervals.
  • Adhering dirt, care films, coatings or other residues are removed.
  • All desired rooms/areas are intensively cleaned and maintained.
  • This also includes e.g. cupboards inside and outside, lamps, shelves, radiators, doors, wall tiles etc.
  • Is also used after renovations and construction projects

Boat, Yacht and Mobile Home Upholstery Cleaning

We offer professional cleaning of all types of upholstery e.g. rough leather, smooth leather, microfibre or textile etc.

Boat and mobile home upholstery cleaning includes:

  • Spray extraction of the soiled upholstery.
  • At your premises or at your request at our premises
  • Using environmentally friendly cleaning and care products
  • Mite removal
  • Bacteria decimation


Desinfecting cleaning of facilities such as kindergartens, clean rooms or your own home.

Desinfection includes:

  • Sanitising any furnishings and fittings
  • Sterilising rooms and sanitary areas
  • Bacteria decimation